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Utilities charge more for electricity each year, while the cost of solar electricity continues to plunge. More than a million American homes have gone solar, and the reasons are easy to see:



While utility rates rise year after year, solar lets you lock in low power rates for decades. Each time utility rates go up, you’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

The Inland Northwest not only has abundant sunshine; our cool climate actually improves the performance of solar panels.

In the State of Washington, long summer days harvest lots of extra solar energy credits to offset winter utility bills. If your commercial property is energy-efficient, you could actually pay nothing for winter power.

Although many think of solar as a way to go off-grid, it can also help you make the most of the grid, slashing your bills when it’s sunny while earning generous solar credits to offset utility bills later.


Investors in Solar Power qualify for Tax Credit of 30 percent of the total cost of an installed system. This can be “carried over” each year until it’s used up, or until the program ends, whichever comes first. Businesses and rental property owners can also save by depreciating the investment in solar equipment.



There is no sales tax on equipment or labor for solar electric systems 10 kW or smaller. Systems larger than 10 kW are exempt from 75% of sales tax.

Washington State also pays you a base rate of $0.15 per kWh on ALL energy your system produces, whether it’s used in the building or sent back to the grid. Even better, that base rate jumps to as much as $0.54 per kWh if you use equipment made in-state. This incentive is capped at $5,000.00 per household per year, and the program will continue until at least 2020.



The state also exempts solar equipment from property tax and sales taxes.




On-Grid Systems

Solar can help you make the most of the grid, slashing your bills when it’s sunny while earning generous solar credits to offset utility bills later.

By adding battery storage to your panels and you can automatically switch from utility power to solar and back, raking in savings by using stored solar power during your utility’s costly peak pricing hours. And when your utility suffers a storm outage that shuts off other grid-tied solar systems, your battery-equipped solar system continues to operate as an off-grid system, harvesting the sun’s energy every day and keeping lights on at night.


Off-Grid Systems

For many, this is the solar dream: complete energy self-sufficiency in a home that powers itself, whether you live in town or on a mountaintop. No worries about rising electric bills. No electric bills at all. At Northwest Renewables, we can help you realize that dream with a complete, storage-equipped, off-grid solar system. Battery storage technology with sufficient capacity designed for your project’s capacity and demand allow you to store excess electricity at the time of generation and then draw from it as needed later. In remote areas, this may be the best option for providing a project’s electricity needs.



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