Solar For Business


Many of the world’s leading companies are now profiting from solar power. Now it’s your businesses turn.

You Control Utilities, Rather Than Being Controlled By Them.

  • Stable electricity cost from solar arrays makes budget forecasts more reliable.
  • By switching to solar energy, you can avoid costly peak-demand utility prices that commonly affects commercial spaces.
  • Increasingly volatile fossil fuel prices are beyond your utility’s control, and any coming price shocks will certainly be passed along to you. Solar panels allow you to circumvent those price hikes.

Rooftop and Lawns are Unused Assets That Can Be Put To Productive Use.

  • Why not turn that unused square footage into cash with free or low-cost solar power?

Leasing a Solar System Makes Financial Sense

  • There are no out-of-pocket costs or down payments.
  • The federal solar tax credit and accelerated depreciation are fully monetized, lowering your lease payment.
  • Lease payments are treated as an operating expense, reducing your taxes.
  • Leasing acts as an alternative source of funds, preserving your credit and capital for other purposes.

With Solar Panels, Your Building Is One Step Closer To Becoming Leed-Certified

  • LEED means “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design”; it is the best-recognized measure of sustainable building practices worldwide.
  • According to a Nielsen Group survey, 55 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for products sold by companies that incorporate sustainable practices.