Solar Pays You

Over one million commercial properties across the United States have already gone to solar power, and it’s easy to see why. As utilities rates rise and grow less predictable, increasingly affordable solar systems bring
more savings and security.

With solar, most businesses save far more than residential ratepayers do, due to higher commercial power rates.

Solar investments lock in low power rates for years to come.

Our northern location means long summer days to harvest energy credits that offset utility bills in the winter months. With enough solar panels, you could reduce your utility bills to zero.

For off-grid applications such as remote buildings and communications towers, solar panels combined with our battery storage solutions furnish electricity without the cost and maintenance worries of generators.

Make your power source a marketing advantage that you can turn to positive media attention and customer goodwill.

Governments Are Waiting To Help You.


Investors in Solar Power qualify for Tax Credit of 30 percent of the total cost of an installed system. This can be “carried over” each year until it’s used up, or until the program ends, whichever comes first. Businesses and rental property owners can also save by depreciating the investment in solar equipment.


A strong new net metering law ensures that you’ll be paid for surplus power your organization sends to the grid, and, as of July 28, 2019 solar power systems are completely exempt from this state’s famously high sales tax.


The state also exempts solar equipment from property tax and sales taxes.

Grid-Tied Systems

With solar credits mandated by law, Washington State makes solar a cost saver for businesses. This attractive solar business climate is made even better by the character of our natural climate, whose moderate temperatures enhance solar panel performance, while long summer days harvest generous solar credits to offset winter utility bills. Add one of our battery storage solutions, and you’ll have a self-sustaining “microgrid” that continues running even when storms knock out utility power.


For powering remote locations or electrical equipment, solar is often unmatched—especially when combined with batteries. With fewer maintenance needs than generators, solar/battery systems bring a new level of trouble-free reliability. And, if your site incorporates generators as well, we can seamlessly integrate the two.