Zoned Climate Control

Saving energy and making your home more comfortable is now easier than ever thanks to Zoned Heating and Cooling Solutions (also called mini splits). These small, quiet, incredibly energy-efficient systems put heating and cooling right where you need it—with no bulky, dust-collecting ducts!

Making The Right Choice

Choose between an air-conditioning-only system or a heat pump system that both heats and cools. Both work by circulating heat-exchange fluid between an outdoor compressor/condenser and indoor air handlers that each precisely control climate in one part of the home or building.

  • Tax credits and utility rebates can save you up to $1,000 on a new system, depending on where you live. We can identify those incentives for you and include them in your estimate.
  • Fantastic for correcting uncomfortably cold or warm spots in older homes.
  • Northwest Renewables is a certified installer for Mitsubishi, the world leader in Zoned Comfort.
  • Mitsubishi products carry a 10-year warranty and feature important innovations such as i-See Sensor technology, which searches out a room’s hot or cold spots, continually adjusting temperature.

Zoned Climate Control: An outside heat pump circulates fluid through small air handlers mounted inside, allowing each interior area its own precise temperature control.